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Buddhist Chanting Book

At Wat Paknam Michigan we offer daily chanting in the morning and evening. Chanting is done in the Pali Language before meditation in the AM and PM. Chanting at the temple is not mandatory, however if you would like to participate we hope this aids in your practice!

The below document is the Morning Chants translated from Pali to Thai to English written by one of our American members. This translation is helpful for Americans to learn how the members of the temple phonetically pronounce the chants.

Click to view the English Translated Morning Chanting

The below book is used by our American community members to help learn and practice the chants. This book is available at the temple during open hours to use. It has the Pali words in the English letters, a tutorial on how to speak Pali and English translation of all the phrases. 

Click to view the English/Pali Buddhist Chanting Book