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English Dhamma Night


English Dhamma Night

Wat Paknam Michigan is excited to offer a twice a month English Dhamma Night. Dhamma (or Dharma) is what Buddhist call the teachings of Buddha, some consider a Dhamma talk similar to a sermon.

We encourage all 1st time visitors to visit on this night as it will ensure that we are available to answer all of your questions. It is a great intoduction to the temple and Thai culture. The night will start at 6:30 pm and end around 8:30pm. Please check our website prior to visiting to ensure there are no schedule changes.

*** Make sure you check out our Visiting the Temple page if it is your first time visiting. 
Please make sure you dress comfortably as you will be sitting on the ground, and ladies should be dressed modestly.
If you still have questions please click here to contact the temple via email or phone.

Sample English Night Agenda:
   * Welcome to the Buddhist Meditation Center (BMC) and Introduction to the resident monks
   * Buddhism Introduction: 
       - What is Buddhism?
       - Basic Principles of Buddhism
       - Explain Chanting and Bowing
       - How to Meditate?
    * Night Chanting and Meditation Practice (participation is optional, all are welcomed to observe)
    * Dhamma Talk (a Buddhist sermon) presented by one of the monks
    * Question and Answer Session